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Kat Parker is a passionate facilitator of healing and wellness and believes that with thoughtful communication and a holistic approach she can fully attend to each clients’ needs. Kat specializes in an intuitive combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage aimed at regulating the nervous system and promoting relaxation while also doing meaningful work in the deeper layers of tissue. She believes that the most valuable impact she can have as a massage therapist is by working with the body, slowly melting through fascial restrictions and adhesions, rather than against the body with excessive pressure. A great massage shouldn’t hurt!

Kat additionally specializes in lymphatic drainage massage – a gentle, rhythmic approach aimed at encouraging the healthy flow and drainage of lymph in the body. Lymphatic drainage is especially helpful for clients undergoing cancer treatments or with a history of cancer, and for post operative clients looking for help with the healing process. This modality is also great for general wellness due to its potential to improve digestion and sleep, relieve a feeling of bloating and heaviness, and promote overall relaxation!

Kat has been a professional massage therapist since 2016 when she graduated from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in Samara, Costa Rica. Over the years she has provided massage treatments at 5-star resort spas as well as small independent studios, worked alongside chiropractic teams, and visited private clients in their homes. She is also honored to be a part of the rotating faculty instructing Kinesiology and Massage Technique courses at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy.

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Are you interested in massage and love to travel?

The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy might be just right for you! It sure was for me. The intensive, accelerated program lets you immerse yourself fully in the world of massage and emerge four short months later ready to take on the world! You learn from incredible professionals hand-picked from all over the US to share their knowledge with you. You get the experience of attending a top notch, fully COMTA accredited, nationally recognized school... all while enjoying living abroad! And there is no better place to spend a few months (or years for that matter) than Costa Rica. Small town Samara is right on the Pacific Ocean and full of charm and beauty. You could easily enjoy every spare moment walking the beach and visiting with locals. Or just a short trip away you have access to jungles, volcanos, nature preserves, pristine beaches, and some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet. If you are even considering a career in massage and want to learn more I would love to chat with you about this incredible place that I got to call home for a while. Send me a message!

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