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prioritizing your physical and emotional health and wellness through therapeutic touch

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Massage therapy appointments are NOW AVAILABLE Monday-Friday at
Method Wellness and Physical Therapy in San Antonio, TX.
Call (210) 526-2428 to book your session!

Relaxation massage utilizes a flowing holistic approach to balance the nervous system and promote circulation. Contrary to common thought, relaxation massage doesn't have to mean light pressure, it is simply a distinction that the intention is to decrease stress, promote body awareness, and leave clients with a sense of inner peace.

Integrative deep tissue massage focuses on working with the body to address pain and postural imbalances in the muscles and fascia. Kat likes to call her style "gentle deep tissue" as her pace and approach promote relaxation even as she addresses the deeper layers of tissue to work out areas of tension. Techniques may include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and stretching. 

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle, rhythmic approach that helps to direct lymphatic fluid along the body's natural pathways to relieve inflammation and discomfort related to lymphatic congestion. This modality is especially beneficial for people experiencing cancer or with a history of cancer treatments, post-operative clients, and clients with mobility challenges, but is also a great addition to any wellness plan!

Prenatal massage for the expectant mama focuses on addressing the unique physical changes that come with pregnancy and allowing her the space to relax and reset. ​

Not sure which modality to choose? Give us a call and we can help you book the time you prefer and then Kat can help you determine the best fit during your consultation at the start of your appointment.

60 minutes $99 / 90 minutes $129​

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